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    What We Do!

    About Insta-Mold NI

    Here at Insta-Mold NI, we can supply all your hearing protection needs. Our staff are fully trained and are certified by the British Society of Audiology in Otoscopy & Impression Taking.

    We provide hearing protection in either Full Shell or discrete Completely-In-Canal moulds in various styles and colours that can match the wearer’s personality and protection needs.

    Insta-Mold is a CE certified ‘direct moulded’ hearing protection product. We need to see you in person to obtain an impression of the ear. Our customers can use Insta-Mold NI earplugs for leisure activities, including:

    • shooting
    • motorbiking
    • sleeping
    • swimming
    • surfing
    • skydiving 
    • even concerts

    We also provide custom-made hearing protection for industry, i.e., construction, agriculture, factories, and warehousing.  If you are a business owner considering the provision of custom moulded hearing protection to your workforce, feel free to get in touch to discuss all the options.  Site visits can be arranged for the impression-taking phase to minimise employee downtime.

    Plug types explained

    Firstly, everyone is different, with different needs, different budgets, and different ears.

    At Insta-Mold NI, we can offer a range of solutions. There are three primary groups or types of hearing protection

    • solid plugs
    • filtered plugs
    • active electronic plugs (mainly used in shooting sports)

    Solid Plugs block out noise. It’s that simple, they stop the noise from reaching the inner ear and protect your hearing.

    Filtered plugs allow low sound levels to pass through, allowing more situational awareness than a solid earplug. Inserting filters controls how much sound passes into the ear, allowing communication but protecting from louder noise.  

    Active Electronic earplugs (Cens being the best known, offer enhancement of low levels of sound up to a set trigger point which causes the electronics to suppress the noise and protect the wearer)

    Custom In-Ear Monitors; music lovers can use these to listen to their favourite tracks and for making phone calls, or if you are a professional musician while performing.  Watch any TV programme. All the presenters and performers are now wearing IEMs.

    How our products protect you 

    All our products will protect you no matter the noise source. All noise is the same; it’s noise. Loud music seems nicer than a loud bang or a machine of the same level. ALL noise will damage your hearing if loud enough for long enough—the louder the noise, the less exposure you need to damage your hearing.

    All our hearing protection products reduce the levels of noise reaching the inner ear. We can add filters to solid earplugs later if required. For some users, it makes them more wearable. However, people often don’t want to hear in situations like sleeping, so they prefer solid plugs.

    If Insta-Mold NI earplugs are used for water sports, they prevent water ingress and conditions such as ear infections and surfers’ ear.  They are moulded to your ear, and they don’t fall while in the water. 

    The most important thing about hearing protection is that it fits you and is worn correctly. Over the head, earmuffs shouldn’t be worn over woolly hats, and the cups should be cleaned and replaced to maintain a good seal around the ear. Moulded ear protection should fit down into the canal as far as the second bend, and if it doesn’t, it’s not as effective.

    Over time, the ear changes, so you should get refitted every 4 to 5 years. Significant changes to body weight can also affect fit.

    Alternatively, we can guide you through the Cens range to get the model which best suits your needs if you wish to purchase electronic hearing protection.

    All Insta-Mold NI plugs are finished by us here in NI, and we usually get them out to you within a few days.

    Insta-Mold NI plugs are CE Certified, so they meet EU standards for industry (EN 352-2: 2002)

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    CENS® At Insta-Mold

    We also supply the full range of CENS® (Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors) The CENS® range of hearing protection are available in a wide range of model and colour combinations. We can guide you through the selection process to get the best model to suit your requirements.

    CENS ProFlex digital are not suitable for very small ears. CENS classic digital can be made as an alternative. Packaging supplied may vary depending on country of purchase.

    Why Insta-Mold®?

    Ultimate Protection For Your Ears!


    It is important to protect employees hearing against high levels of noise whilst at work. It is also important to be able to communicate in the workplace. Hearing protection should be easy to fit and comfortable for all day use. Insta-Mold custom hearing protection meets all current UK and European safety standards for hearing protection in the workplace. With up to SNR 29dB of noise attenuation you are safe in the knowledge that your employees are protected.

    WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (filtered or unfiltered + cord options + metal detectable or tracer options).


    As a competitive shooter you prefer to hear clearly at the shooting range and as a hunter you need to hear the sounds of the game, every snap of a twig and the rustle of leaves.
    Insta-Mold can do this, the filters enable the awareness of environmental sounds whilst also protecting your ears from the gun noise.

    WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (filtered or unfiltered + cord options).


    Whether it’s a Sunday motorcycle ride or competitive track racing hearing protection becomes critical. The wind noise level in most motorcycle helmets can average around 100 dB, when at 60 mph, and it gets even higher the faster you go, which is far from healthy for your eardrums. Insta-Mold provides the solution, the in-the-ear design will fit comfortably under helmets, will provide hearing protection and filtered options enable awareness of traffic and environmental noise around you.

    WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (filtered or Unfiltered) or CIC (filtered or unfiltered).


    Would you like to get a full nights sleep without being disturbed by a snoring partner or other unwelcome noise? Or perhaps you want a comfortable earplug for long flights and commuting. With glow in the dark colour options and ultimate comfort Insta-Mold will ensure you get your rest.

    WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold CIC (unfiltered), (if you wish to remain aware of certain sounds a filter can be fitted).

    Swimming & Watersports

    Surfers ear problems, ear infections from swimming or perhaps you just don’t like water in your ears?
    Insta-Mold offers the ultimate water sports earplug, bright colours that make a real statement, fantastic seal against water and made to float so you will not lose them.

    WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (unfiltered + cord options)

    Sky Diving

    Whether it’s the engine noise during the ride up to altitude for a jump, a training session in the wind tunnel, or an actual skydive the level of wind noise generated inside the helmet can reach very high levels.  This noise levels can have two unwanted effects obviously; hearing loss and the noise can affect concentration levels as the day progresses. Insta-Mold provides the solution, the in-the-ear design fits comfortably under helmets, will provide hearing protection and filtered options enable awareness of the audible altimeter warning to deploy your parachute.

    WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (filtered or unfiltered) or CIC (filtered or unfiltered)

    Get The Ultimate Protection For Your Ears!

    We Have A Range Of Ear Protection To Suit All Needs