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  • Insta-Mold® Completely in Canal


    All Insta-Mold® products can be supplied in a range of colours and are provided with a storage pouch, fitting guide and client care instructions as standard.

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    Used as a sleeping aid should your partner snore; for the plane ride up when skydiving, whether you’re an instructor or an enthusiast; to cut out background noise on long flights to enable sleep; they may also be used on a train when commuting or to help reduce noise when trying to catch 40 winks whilst having an afternoon nap!

    The individually fashioned ear protector made from skin-friendly silicone sits securely in the ear. It may also be equipped with an acoustic filter, should you choose to remain aware of certain sounds even during your rest period.

    Life expectancy is around 4  years with daily use*

    * Insta-Mold does not deteriorate significantly and where the ear shape remains stable then the fit of the Insta-Mold may extend beyond this typical time period

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