Ultimate Protection for your Ears!


It is important for employees to maintain communication whilst protecting their ears against high levels of sound. It is also important to provide a hearing protection device that is easy to fit and is comfortable to wear over the duration of their shift. Insta-Mold provides custom hearing protection that meets all current UK and European safety standards for hearing protection in the workplace. With up to SNR 29dB of noise attenuation you are safe in the knowledge that your employees are protected.
WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (filtered or unfiltered + cord options + tracer options)


As a competitive shooter you prefer to hear clearly at the shooting range and as a hunter you need to hear the sounds of the game, every snap of a twig and the rustle of leaves. Insta-Mold can do this, the filters enable the awareness of environmental sounds whilst also protecting your ears from the gun noise. 
WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (filtered or unfiltered + cord options)


Whether it’s a Sunday motorcycle ride or competitive track racing hearing protection becomes critical. Wind noise beneath even the best tight fitting helmets presents the main risk and concern to hearing with levels reaching as high as 98dB at higher speeds. Insta-Mold provides the solution, the in-the-ear design will fit comfortably under helmets, will provide hearing protection and filtered options enable awareness of traffic and environmental noise around you.
WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (filtered or Unfiltered) or CIC (filtered or unfiltered)


Would you like to get a full nights sleep without being disturbed by a snoring partner or other unwelcome sounds? Or perhaps you want a comfortable earplug for long flights and commuting. With glow in the dark colour options and ultimate comfort Insta-Mold will ensure you get your rest.
WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold CIC (unfiltered), (if you wish to remain aware of certain sounds a filter can be fitted)

Swimming and Water Sports

Surfers Ear problems or Swimmers Ear infections? Or perhaps you just don’t like water in your ears. Insta-Mold offers the ultimate water sport earplug, bright colours that make a real statement, fantastic seal against water ingress and made from silicone that floats! just in case you drop them in the pool!
WE RECOMMEND: Insta-Mold Full Shell (unfiltered + cord options)